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⑴ 杭州有許多漂亮的景點如西湖靈隱寺等英語翻譯

西湖 the West Lake
靈隱寺 the Linying Temple

⑵ 杭州的旅遊景點(英語表示)

West Lake (Chinese: 西湖; Pinyin: Xī Hú) is a famous fresh water lake located in central Hangzhou, in Zhejiang province of eastern China.

The lake is divided by three causeways called su di (蘇堤) , di (白堤), and yanggong di (楊公堤).

Note: There are 800 West Lakes in China (according to the Lonely Planet). However, the term "West Lake" or "Xi Hu" is generally used to refer to the one in Hangzhou.

The Ten major attractions of West Lake, each marked by a stela with the name written in the calligraphy of the Emperor Qianlong Emperor, are:

Spring Dawn on the Su Causeway (蘇堤春曉)
Listining Orioles Singing in the Willows (柳浪聞鶯)
View Fish in the Flower Harbour (花港觀魚)
Lotus in the Breeze at the Winding Courtyard (曲苑風荷)
Evening Bells at the Nanping Mountain (南屏晚鍾)
Autumn Moon over a Calm Lake (平湖秋月)
Evening Sunshine over Leifeng Pagoda (雷峰夕照)
Three Pools Mirroring the Moon (三潭印月)
Melting Snow on Broken Bridge (斷橋殘雪)
Twin Peaks Piercing the Clouds (雙峰插雲) - The "Jungfrau of West Lake"

The West Lake is said to be the incarnation of Xi Shi, one of the Four Beauties of ancient China. Hence, since ancient times, the West Lake was associated with a large number of romatic poets, profound philosophers, national heros and heroins.

Eastern Jin Dynasty philosopher Ge Hong practiced Taoism in the Ge Mountain, and wrote his great philosophical work: Bao Pu Zhi (抱朴子).
Tang Dynasty poet Luo Binwang reclused in Lingyin Temple
Tang Dynasty poet-governor Bai Juyi built the first causeway, which the Bai Causeway.
Song Dynasty poet-governor Su Dongpo, dredged the lake and built up the Su Causeway, made it into another beautiful landmark of West Lake. He also invented a special recipe for preparing pork: the Dongpo Pork. Dongpo Pork is on the menu of every restaurant in Hangzhou
Song Dynasty national hero Yue Fei was buried near the West Lake

Lotus in the Breeze at the Winding CourtyardThe great Ming Dynasty essayist Zhang Dai, wrote a number great essays about the West Lake in Reminiscence and Dream of Tao'an (陶庵夢憶), and a whole book: Search for West Lake in Dreams (西湖夢尋).

⑶ 幫忙找杭州的景點英文翻譯啊,急用啊


now we r going to the west lake.Hangzhou is called the praradise on earth,and the beauty of hangzhou mostly lies on the west lake.Actually the west lake is the most difficult part to introce,because it's different from Lingyin temple or tea gardens.because it's sth about feelings ,rather than facts.there was one time that my friends and me would discuss how to show the beauty to our guests,and at last we conclude the best way is(客人猜).The best way is :Ladies and gentlemen,the beauty of hangzhou is so great that it's beyond words.So I'm very sorry I can not do any introction.pls keep your eyes on and enjoy the great beauty yourselves!

hm,that is surely the easiest way for me!I will try that if my father is the boss of my company ,and I'll never get fired...

Okay,let's see what can we do with the west lake.what can we see over there. Here I would conclude it with one two three four,which is ,one lake ,two pogados,three causeways,four islands.

first, one lake.the west lake.Actually ,in China there are 36 lakes which are name as "west lake",but the most beautiful one is here ,in Hangzhou.If u have been to the summer palace in Beijing,you will find the Kunming lake there is muck like west lake,because Kunming lake is a of west lake.Before summer palace was built,the emperor came to Hangzhou ,and he was overwhelmed by the scenery of west lake,so he ordered his painter to draw it down,(cuz they didnt have camera,or good camera at that time),and at the time when the summer palace was built,those paintings became part of the blueprint .

second,two pogados.one is very slim and the other very strong.So hangzhou people compare them to a slim girl,and a strong handsome man respectively.They stand on two sides of the lake,face to face,but can never reach each other.among this two pogados,the stronger one is more famous in China.Actually the one we can see now is a new built one,and the original one collapsed 80 years ago.soon after the pagoda collapsed ,the government wanted to get to rebuilt but many of local people said:NO.we can not do that.why?I'll tell u later.

three causeways.these three causeways were man made.and they divided the west lake into several parts.each of them is named with the name of three ancient local officials in Hangzhou,because these three officials ever contributed a lot to Hangzhou.Hangzhou people call these causeways ,lovers' causeway.why?because they are quite long ,about 2.5 meters long,and on the two sides are full of flowers and trees,so the atmospere is very romantic.and If a boy can hold a girl's hand and finish one causeway on the night.that means ,he has 99% succeeded won that girl's heart.

four islands.one is natural and three are man-made.the man-made one is the biggest and its name is "solitary hill",standing in the north of the lake.The three man-made ones gather in the middle.

besides this "one two three four",there is sth very special with the west lake.do u have a one-yuan Chinese bill?okay,what can you see on the back of it?three small stone pogados! this is the most important part,the symbol of west lake, and even the symbol of Hangzhou !It's soooooo famous in China and it's even printed on the bill!later let's see who is the first one that finds this place.

⑷ 杭州有那些旅遊景點並用英文表出來

-West Lake

⑸ 杭州景點英文名字

西湖the west lake
Spring Dawn on the Su Causeway 蘇堤春曉
Windy Lotus in the Winding Courtyard 曲苑風荷
Autumn Moon on Calm Lake 平湖秋月
Remnant Snow on Broken Bridge 斷橋殘雪
Viewing Fish At Flower Harbor 花港觀魚
Yellow Dragon Spits Green 黃龍吐翠
Drinking Tea at Dragon Well 龍井問茶

⑹ 杭州著名景點如何用英文表達

西湖十景 Ten Views of the West Lake
斷橋殘雪 Melting Snow at Broken Bridge
平湖秋月 Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake
麴院風荷 Lotus in the Breeze at Crooked Courtyard
雙峰插雲 Twin peaks piercing Clouds
蘇堤春曉 Spring Dawn at Su Causeway
三潭印月 Three pools mirroring the moon
花港觀魚 Viewing Fish at flower harbor
南屏晚鍾 Evening bell at Nanping hill
雷峰夕照 Sunset glow at Leifeng pagoda
柳浪聞鶯Orioles singing in the willows
新西湖十景 Ten New Views of the West Lake
寶石流霞 Precious stone hill floating in rosy clouds
黃龍吐翠Yellow Dragon cave dressed in green
滿壠桂雨Sweet osmanthus rain at Mannjuelong
虎跑夢泉 Dream of the tiger spring
九溪煙樹 Nine creeks in misty forest
龍井問茶 Enjoying tea at dragon well
雲棲竹徑 Bamboo-lined path at Yunqi
玉皇飛雲 Flying clouds over jade Emperor hill
吳山天風 Sky wind over Wu Hill
阮墩環碧 Ruan Gong islet submerged in greenery
孤山 Solitary hill
樓外樓 LOU wailou restaurant
西泠印社Xiling Seal-Engravers』 Society
西泠橋和蘇小小墓 Xiling bridge and Su xiaoxiao tomb
岳飛廟和墓 Yue Fei』s temple and his tomb
杭州花圃 Hangzhou flower nursery
杭州植物園 Hangzhou botanical garden
玉泉Jade spring
靈峰探梅 Visiting Lingfeng for plum bolssoms
靈隱寺 Lingyin Temple
楊公堤 Yang Gong causeway
郭庄 Guo』s villa
涌金池 YOngjin pool
錢王祠 King Qian』s temple
長橋 Long bridge
六和塔 Six harmonies pagoda( Liuhe pagoda)
bore-watching 看潮、Qiantang Tide 錢塘潮
Dragon Well tea 龍井茶
Tea-picking 採茶
Tea House 茶
Hangzhou dishes 杭幫菜
Silk city 絲綢城
Hu Xueyan』s Former Residence 胡雪岩故居
The Street of clothes for women in Wulin Road 武林路女裝街
Yellow Dragon Sports Center 黃龍體育中心

⑺ 杭州及其杭州景點的中英文對照的介紹


西湖景區位於浙江省杭州市西面,它以其秀麗的湖光山色和眾多的名勝古跡而聞名中外,是我國著名的旅遊勝地,也被譽為人間天堂。西湖的水面面積約5.66平方公里(包括湖中島嶼為6.3平方公里),湖岸周長15公里。水的平均深度在1.5米左右,最深處在 2.8米左右,最淺處不到1米。湖南北長3.3公里,東西寬2.8公里。蘇堤和白提將湖面分成里湖、外湖、岳湖、西里湖和小南湖五個部分。1982年西湖被確定為國家風景名勝區,1985年被選為「全國十大風景名勝」。
杭州西湖風景區以西湖為中心,分為湖濱區、湖心區、北山區、南山區和錢塘區,總面積達49平方公里。西湖的美在於晴中見瀲灧,雨中顯空濛。無論雨雪晴陰,在落霞、煙霧下都能成景;在春花,秋月,夏荷,冬雪中各具美 態。湖區以蘇堤和白堤的優美風光見稱。
西湖,是一首詩,一幅天然圖畫,一個美麗動人的故事,不論是多年居住在這里的人還是匆匆而過的旅人,無不為這天下無雙的美景所傾倒。陽春三月,鶯飛草長。蘇白兩堤,桃柳夾岸。兩邊是水波瀲灧,遊船點點,遠處是山色空濛,青黛含翠。此時走在堤上,你會被眼前的景色所折服,甚至心醉神馳,懷疑自己是否進入了世外仙境。 而西湖的美景不僅春天獨有,夏日裡接天蓮碧的荷花,秋夜中浸透月光的三潭,冬雪後疏影橫斜的紅梅,更有那煙柳籠紗中的鶯啼,細雨迷濛中的樓台------無論你在何時來,都會領略到不同尋常的風采。


Hangzhou, the captial of Zhejiang, is one of the old imperial Cities in China; the others are Xi'an, Luoyang, Kaifeng, Nanjing and Beijing.

Marco Polo called Hangzhou the most distinguished and beautiful city in the world. The widely--traveled Venetian was fascinated with the spleendor of the huge edifices, the wide paved streets and the magnificient grounds along the shores of the Xihu, West Lake.He admired the people's friendiness, hospitality and peaceableness, their silken clothing and the women's valuable jewelry. In those days, Hangzhou had an estimated population of 1.6 million, and the city was a flourishing trade center.

In fact, Hangzhou is still one of the most beautiful destinations of a trip through China; and, like marco Polo, the visitor will be pleasantly surprised at the friendliness of the people of Hangzhou. It can be easily reached by train from Shanghai, but it is also possible to get there by plane from Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou and Hongkong.

Hangzhou lies in northern Zhejiang at the southern end of the Grand Ganal. The city is linked to Central China by an extensive network of canals. Population: 5.28 million.

Xihu, West lake

Xihu is in the western section of the city.

The lake covers an area of 566 km, its circumference is 15 km, its average depth 1.5m. Two dikes, Baidi and Sudi, divide the lake and make it possible to cross it. There are four small islands in West Lake: Gushan, Xiao Yingzhou, Hushan Tang and Ruangong Dun. There are 40 sights of interest in the Xihu vicinity. Three sides of the lake are surrounded by hills up to 400 m high, the fourth is bordered by the city.

The famous poet Su Dongpo, who was prefect of Hangzhou ring the Northern Song Dynasty, described the charming scenery of the Xihu in many of his poems.

During the Southern Song Dynasty, the West Lake area was part of the imperial residence. The emperors of the Qing Dynasty took pleasure in the Xihu and its grounds. Replicas of buildings and garden complexes can be found in Yihe Yuan, the Summer Place, in Beijing and the part of the imperial Residence in Chengde.

Xiao Yingzhou
Xiao Yingzhou island was laid out in 1607. It actually consists of just one embankment separating a small lake from the large West Lake and of paved walks, which divide it in quarters and meet at the center in a small island. The four small lakes are overgrown with lotus flowers. A visit ring July and August when the flowers are in bloom is especially attractive. Walking along the embankment past pavilions, terraces, rocks and many old trees gives an impression of the magic of the renowned West Lake. To the south is the Nine Arches Bridge, the island's major attraction.

Baochu Ta Pagoda (Baoshu Ta)

Baochu Ta is situated on top of 200-m-high Baoshi Shan, the Treasure mountain, north of Xihu lake. In earlier times, jade was reportedly found here and the mountain was named accordingly.

Baochu Ta was erected from 969---976 and was damaged and destroyed several times, but always rebuilt. The present structure is 45.3 m high and made of bricks. It was restored in 1933. The narrow pagoda belongs to the typical panorama of West Lake. It can be seen from afar and is a landmark of Hangzhou.

⑻ 求杭州歷史文化和風景名勝的英文介紹,要全!

The discovery of ancient human fossils at wuguidong site in Hangzhou confirmed that there were ancient human beings living on the land of Hangzhou 50000 years ago. The excavation of Xiaoshan cross Lake Bridge site confirmed that there were modern human beings living here as early as 8000 years ago.


It is said that when Xia Yu controlled the flood, the whole country was divided into Kyushu, and the vast area to the south of the Yangtze River was generally called Yangzhou. In the 21st century B.C., ring the southern tour of Xia Yu, the princes of the general assembly, Yu Kuaiji (now Shaoxing), once sailed here by boat and gave up their Hangzhou (the "hang" is the ark) here, hence the name "Yuhang".







⑼ 西湖景點中英文介紹

美麗的杭州西湖位於浙江省杭州市西面,它以其秀麗湖光山色和眾多名勝古跡聞名中外,在我國30多處以「西湖」命名的湖泊中,最為著名,被譽為人間天堂。 杭州西湖風景區以西湖為中心,分別為湖濱區、湖心區、北山區、南山區和錢塘區,總面積達49平方千米。杭州西湖三面環山,景區由一山(孤山),兩堤(蘇提、白堤),三島(阮公墩、湖心亭、小瀛洲),五湖(外西湖,北里湖,西里湖、岳湖和南湖),十景(麴院風荷、平湖秋月、斷橋殘雪、柳浪聞鶯、雷峰西照、南屏晚鍾、花港觀魚、蘇堤春曉、雙峰插雲)構成。
Is located in the beautiful West Lake in Hangzhou, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, the west, which with its beautiful lakes and mountains and many famous monuments in the country punishable by more than 30 "West Lake" as the name of the lake, the most famous, known as a paradise on earth. ???? Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area to the West Lake as the center, respectively, lake area, lake area, northern mountains, Nanshan District, and Qiantang zones with a total area of 49 square kilometers. ???? Hangzhou West Lake surrounded by the mountain, scenic areas from the mountain (Gushan), two embankment (Sautet, Shiratsutsumi), Mishima (Yiian pier, pavilion, small Ying Chow), five lakes (outside the West Lake, North Village Lake, Xili Lake , Yue Lake and South Lake), Shi Jing (Quyuanfenghe, Red Beans Love, broken bridge and snow, Liulangwenying, leifeng Xi Zhao, Nanping Evening Bell, Huagangguanyu, Sudi Chunxiao, Two Peaks Piercing the Clouds) constitute .
本人紹介一下本人比較熟悉的景點,柳浪聞鶯、三潭印月、西泠印社、孤山和平湖秋月.北山區的黃龍洞、紫雲洞、岳墳、玉泉、靈隱寺南山、錢塘區的玉皇山、虎跑、六和塔、九溪、龍井、煙霞三洞等景點。 柳浪聞鶯 位於西湖東南岸,這里原為南宋御花園「聚景園」。沿湖廣植揚柳,每當煙花三月,如煙似霧的柳絲隨風搖曳,宛如碧浪翻空,在那望不盡的柳蔭深處,時而傳來嚦嚦的鶯啼聲,清脆悅耳十分動人,「柳浪聞鶯」即源於此。
三潭映月 又名小瀛洲,是外西湖中最大的一個島嶼,小瀛洲湖中有湖,島中有島,島間橋欄相接 ,亭軒台榭點綴其間,水中金魚嬉遊,岸上金桂婆娑,柳暗花明風景誘人。湖面上有三座石塔,原建於宋,重建於明。塔高約2米,塔基為扁原形石座,塔身為球形,中空,四周環有五個小圓孔,塔頂作葫蘆形。每至中秋月夜,放明燭於塔內,洞口蒙以薄紙,燈光外透宛如15個月亮,月光、燈光、湖光交相輝映,塔影、月影、雲影融成一片,十分迷人。
西泠印社 位於孤山西部之巔,創辦於清光緒三十年(1904年),是我國最早研究金石篆刻的一個學術團體。它在保存金石、研究印學,開展篆刻創作等方面都作出了有益的貢獻。社址倚山而建,園林布局小巧玲瓏,白牆素影,淡雅高潔,步道鋪砌塊石,廊架纏繞藤蘿,花影遍地,環境幽美,為孤山園林的精華所在。山間有竹閣,柏亭、四照堂、華嚴經石塔、漢三老石室等古跡。
Shao Jie, I look I am more familiar attractions, Liulangwenying, Santanyinyue, Xiling Seal Society, Solitary Hill, and Red Beans Love. Northern mountain Huanglong Cave, Ziyun hole, Yue grave, Yuquan, Lingyin Nanshan, Qiantang area Yuhuang Hill, Dreaming of the Tiger, Pagoda of Six Harmonies, Jiuxi, Longjing, haze three holes and other attractions. Liulangwenying is located in the south bank of West Lake East, where formerly the Southern Song Dynasty Imperial Garden "Poly Landscape Architecture." Riparian planting Yang Liu, whenever the fireworks in March, the wind smoke Si Wu's Stir gently, just like Persil Wheeling, in that endless liuyin look deep, sometimes splitting the Yingti heard cracking sound, crisp sweet and touching, "Liulangwenying" that stems from this. ???? Santan Serenade, also known as small-Ying Chow, the outer West Lake, the largest of an island, small Ying Chow lake there is a lake, island there are islands, island-phase inter-Qiao Lan, Ting Tai Xie Xuan dotted the water goldfish frolic , shore Kim whirling and suddenly attractive scenery. Lake, there are three stone pagodas, originally built in the Song, the re-built in the Ming. Tower about 2 meters, Taki prototype for the flat stone base, the tower is spherical, hollow, surrounded by ring of five small hole, to make gourd-shaped tower. Each to the Mid Autumn Festival, put on the tower Ming Zhu, Meng hole tissue, light penetration is like 15 outside the moon, moonlight, lighting, lake off each other, Ta Ying, Moon Shadow, cloud shadow and blend into a very charming. ???? Xiling Seal Society is located in the western summit of Gushan, founded the Qing dynasty, thirty years (1904), is the first study of China's stone carving of an academic community. It preserved inscriptions, research Indian science, to carry out such aspects as creativity Seal made a useful contribution. She Zhi earn built, garden layout small and exquisite, white walls Su Ying, elegant Gao Jie, trails shop block stone, gallery frame winding vines, shadows of flowers everywhere, the environment beautiful, for Gushan garden in its essence. Mountain Bamboo Court, Po-ting, 4 Chao-tang, Sutra stone pagodas, old Mr. Han stone chamber and other monuments.